Top Southern England Destinations for Spring Break

South EnglandSpring is one of the best times to go on vacation. It is the time for spiritual renewal and a perfect opportunity for you to rest and relax. Here’s a guide to visiting places in Southern England during the year’s most celebrated season.

1. Oxfordshire

Instead of feeling scared of the legends and haunting tales about this region, enjoy Oxfordshire’s quaint houses and beautiful ruins. If you want a deeper sense of mystical awakening, this is the best tourist destination for you.

2. Worcester-Tickeridge Farm

Located in Worcestershire, the farm can uplift even the bleakest of spirits. The region tells stories of simpler and happier times. The ambiance emits a feeling of calm rarely seen in other hotels and tourist destinations.

It’s perfect for people fond of outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. Afterwards, you can head straight to Bath, home of some of the best resorts in England. recommends Bath City Centre hotels for easy access to Thermae and other natural thermal spas.

3. Kingsbridge Cottages

Charming cottages line up the Kingsbridge countryside. Enjoy the lush surroundings as you inhale the fresh sea breeze and surf the waves. The cottages will surely relax jumpy nerves and tired muscles.

4. No. 1 Royal Crescent

One of the oldest and most historic museums in Bath is the No. 1 Royal Crescent. Over time, the house became a seminary and a lodging house for women. The Crescent also houses the Gentleman’s Retreat and the Cabinet of Curiosities.

5. Beckford’s Tower

English and Bath residents in particular are proud of Beckford’s Tower for its long-winding staircase, which amazed several tourists and earned popularity in social media.

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England is a pleasant destination for pilgrims and wanderlusts—whether it’s London, Oxfordshire or Bath, make the most of your trip by seeing some of the top destinations and getting the best accommodations.