3 Crops to Grow in a Commercial Greenhouse

greenhouse cropsA greenhouse provides controlled temperatures that help you grow plants all year round. This provides a business opportunity if you want to sell farm produce, as well as fresh vegetables for salads.

If you are new to farming and gardening, you could be at a loss on which fruits and vegetables you should plant in your greenhouse. Identifying the right type will not only help you manage your commercial greenhouse construction project, but it will also help you achieve desired returns in a shorter time. Here are some crops you should consider:

Leafy greens

You can never go wrong with anything that fits in the salad category. The bedding and seeding of various leafy vegetables are easy and almost similar to each other. You may choose several types that have various colors and smells, so you can provide many options to your target market. Leafy greens can be sold to wholesalers and groceries — a huge market that you can easily penetrate.

Citrus fruits

Winter does not have to be boring anymore. You can grow both sweet and sour fruits, including lemons, oranges, and limes. Many citrus fruits don’t survive in cold weather. But since you can keep a favorable temperature in a greenhouse (even during winter), you can grow citrus fruits all year round.


For a newbie, peaches make some of the best starter plants. After all, they are easy to grow in small gardens and greenhouses as they do not require a lot of attention. Additionally, peaches sell well in the market due to their nutritious nature and the fact that most people do not grow them.

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With the above information, you can now start with your commercial greenhouse farming. As you go on, you will realize that greenhouse farming doesn’t only help you make money, but it is a fun activity, too.