Be Cool: How to Beat the Rising Heat

a girl swimmingHeat waves are on the rise again throughout the states, and Utah is no exception. In the past year, the temperature reached a high of 115°F prompting the National Weather Service to issue multiple heat warnings in several locations.

1. Stay cool with a quick dip.

The heat waves plaguing Utah is a good reason to call a pool contractor. Having a pool in your backyard gives your family a great option to beat the heat while having fun. Make it a social event and get a few neighbors out of the heat and strengthen some bonds in your community.

You can also give your local pools a try. It’s a great way to avoid the heat while doing a few laps for a bit of exercise.

2. Drink like a fish.

That means water — a lot of water. High temperatures can cause heat-related illnesses such as dehydration, hyperthermia, heat exhaustion, heat cramps and even heat stroke. Drinking water regularly can stave off or lessen the risks associated with these conditions.

Heat exhaustion can manifest in heavy sweating, headaches, nausea, vertigo, and weakness. The more serious heat stroke manifests in loss of consciousness, vomiting, and abnormally high body temperature.

Heat-related illnesses can prove to be life-threatening, so don’t hesitate to call emergency services if you or those around you exhibit these symptoms.

3. Avoid the sun.

High temperatures coupled with humidity can cause extra strain to your heart — especially when performing vigorous physical activities.

Schedule your physical activities when the temperature drops or perform physical activities indoors or in some form of shade. If you have a heart condition, avoid strenuous activities if both the temperature and humidity are high.

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Heat waves can be dangerous, but a few precautions and adjustments can keep you and your family safe. Heed those heat wave warnings and do your best to keep cool.