Clean Hardwood Floors in the Office in Three Steps

Clean Hardwood FloorsWhen you have hardwood floors in your office, you’re essentially swapping ease of maintenance for aesthetics because while hardwood flooring might feel and look sturdy, they’re actually pretty delicate, that is, on the surface, where it will take all the brunt of daily foot traffic.

Here’s how you could care for your hardwood floors the right way: 

Be on the Lookout for Dirt and Sand

Dirt, sand, and anything similar could easily scratch your floor’s surface. And while you won’t really notice these marks at first, you’ll notice them once they add up and become easily seen. Make sure to sweep the floor once or twice weekly at least. Likewise, consider placing rugs on all entrances to high traffic areas to substantially reduce the risk of sand or dirt building up on your floors.

Use Only Cleaning Products Specifically Formulated for Hardwood Floors

If you could get away without using a cleanser, that’s totally fine. But if you must use cleansers, make sure they’re specifically formulated for use on hardwood floors. It’s also crucial to note that hardwood cleaners come in different variants, with some being specific to a particular hardwood floor type, says Anderson Carpet Cleaning. Do some research to avoid damaging your floors.

Use Water Cautiously

Excessive use of water could cause damage to your hardwood flooring since wood easily absorbs moisture. In turn, trapped moisture will eventually make your floors shrink. When this happens, you’ll see gaps in between the floorboards, which in turn will serve as an entry point for more water to seep through where it could result in all sorts of issues like mold and foul odor. That said, never dump water on your floors when mopping, or better yet, use a damp mop of cloth.

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Keep in mind that the fastest method for cleaning could actually cost you more in damage and repairs later on, so take some time out to determine which cleaning routine will work best for your office’s hardwood floors.