Thinking of Changing Your Home’s Look? Start With Your Windows

White wooden window shuttersChanging a few pieces in your home can change its look. And one way of doing so is by adding shutters to your windows. However, poorly chosen shutters may also affect your home’s appeal and even its value. So before you go off and purchase window shutters for your Fair Haven home, here are a few tips that you should follow:

Size and Placement

Some of the factors that you should consider when choosing the perfect shutters for your windows are the size and placement. Shutters should not go beyond the windows’ corner board and should have enough space in between. You should determine the size of the window to get the right width and height for the shutters.


Another factor is the style of the shutters. There are several types of shutters that you can choose from depending on your home’s architectural design. You can choose from various styles such as raised-panel shutters, board-and-batten shutters, and Bahamas shutters.


Aside from the style, make sure that you choose the right colors that will complement your home’s aesthetics. Bear in mind that shutters are visible when you look outside, so choose colors that will make your windows stand out from your home’s exterior walls. If you have a white abode, for instance, you can pick black shutters to make sure that they will stand out.

Choosing the right custom shutters is essential to complete your home’s entire look. It is highly advisable to purchase your shutters from a reputable brand that can provide you with custom-made products that will complement your home. You might also want to read their customers’ testimonials so you will have an idea about their work ethics.

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